Accessibility at Q Pride Day:

Q Pride is taking place at Pageant Field, which is at 1 Merrymount Parkway in Quincy. There is ample parking including marked accessible spaces, and a sidewalk leading up to the space.

If you are taking public transportation please note that six bus lines stop on the corner of Hancock St near 1 Merrymount Parkway: 202, 210, 211, 212, 217 and 245. We understand that bus 210 may be preferable for many as it stops at Quincy Center, where you can connect with the Red Line. After getting off the bus walk down the hill and turn left at Adams Field/ Merrymount Parkway, walk up the driveway and look for the rainbow arch :)

The sidewalk up to the event from the street does not have a clear curb cut to the parking lot, but rather trails off into gravel. We intend to block off the area where the path ends with neon cones to limit the chance of cars blocking the direct path to the parking lot and venue from the sidewalk.

Mobility questions at the venue:

As an outdoor venue, Pageant Field has a variety of surface areas. There is a paved path close to the parking lot. We will have two tents for vendors, including community partners, local businesses, religious organizations and nonprofits, on the grass.  After reviewing feedback from last year the Committee elected to bring the tents inward somewhat to limit the distance to the tents and we worked on making the aisles within the tents wider. There is also gravel and grass, and fields, as well as a stepped amphitheater that will not be used for programming at Q Pride Day. There will be stadium seating by the stage, and marked reserved seating for people with accessibility needs. 

Food vendors will be located close to the paved walkway and bathrooms and pavilion with covered seating. The pavilion is has a cement floor and has heavy tables that will include some reserved seating for accessibility needs, and we are planning on clearing wider paths in the pavilion for tables. There is a small lip up to the cement floor from the dirt ground, for which we are planning to minimize to the best of our ability. 

We will be offering a designated quiet area, however the grounds are expansive and quiet areas may be found at the perimeter independently as well.  


There is a bathroom pavilion and they do offer some larger somewhat accessible stalls, however the doors may be a narrow fit depending on the width of mobility devices. In addition to the bathroom pavilion, a rented individual accessible port o potty will be available along the paved path.  We will not be offering scented sprays for use in the bathroom pavilion due to sensitivity concerns.